Have you ever considered consolidating all your monthly credit card, store card and other loan repayments into ONE monthly repayment?

A debt consolidation loan from Ballyhackamore Credit Union could enable you to do this, and give you some extra piece of mind.

  • You might be able to reduce your total monthly repayments to ONE flexible repayment option.
  • Your SINGLE monthly repayment could be lower. 
  • Your payment will be by a SINGLE monthly standing order.
  • You could reduce the total amount of interest that you pay on your existing loans.
  • It would be easier to keep track of and manage all your debt with ONE monthly repayment.
  • You could improve your credit score with ONE manageable repayment.

The Ballyhackamore Credit Union Difference –

  • We have no charges for setting-up and managing your loan.
  • Our loans are flexible to suit you, and with a reasonable interest rate and repayment term.
  • You can make additional payments, or pay your loan off early, at no additional charge. Note that some of your existing loans with other providers may have penalties for early termination.
  • Subject to terms & conditions, your loan could be insured, at no cost to you.
  • Terms & conditions apply.

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